To be successful and to remain competitive? For the company it means learning to conquer customers with new necessities and habits of consumption. It means being present everywhere, online and off-line, always guaranteeing the best possible experience. Adopt new strategies and tools like HubSpot.

It changes everything: the market, the technology, the behaviors of people. For companies it is not automatic to adapt to these scenario changes. Digital transformation needs time, resources, medium-long-term strategy, Branding, Design and Marketing services to review/optimize their presence in the industry, online and off-line.

This involves an increase in the variables to be kept under control, a multiplication of data to be recorded and monitored month after month. The risk of losing their way is too high.

Fortunately, there is something we can automate: the management of leads and the entire sales process.

Why does HubSpot work to attract new customers online?

HubSpot is a Marketing Automation software with, at the base, a CRM that helps you to take care of the customer, from the first contact with your company.

A complex process, but thanks to the Automation and the guarantee of working 24h on 24, gives serenity to entrepreneurs, always too pressed by a thousand controls, check, monitors, evaluations, metrics.

The first advantage of HubSpot is to bring together in a single platform every action aimed at conquering new customers:

Sending newsletters (which in the Inbound methodology means sending personalized e-mails to a well-specific segment)

Management and planning of corporate blog posts

Registration Management

Social media Promotions (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Web site Implementation

and countless other features (as we’ll see).

All-In-One, no need for anything else.

A single glance and everything is monitored, day after day, with great energy savings, focus on productivity and alignment of the sales team with the marketing team.

If the company has adopted the right strategic approach and solid content planning, then the tool to ensure the best results in the shortest time is a Marketing Automation software like HubSpot, because-data to hand-reveals itself Higher than any other level of performance


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